All programs and events are highly customizable and therefore the investment will vary based on the selected activity, length of the program, the number of people participating, the venue location, the activities, and other variables. If you provide us with a pre-approved budget, we can offer several options for your event. If you don’t know your budget yet, please let us know what your needs and expectations are and we will be glad to provide you with a customized proposal with alternative options.
We will be happy to come to your location, or have the event at any location around the world. We have associates and partners worldwide and will be able to keep the fees very reasonable. Most clients prefer to save time and invite us to their preferred location.

Alternate plans depend on the type of program and the size of your group. Some of the programs can be presented indoors as well as outdoors. Living in Vancouver we always have a set of activities to do indoor if the weather is not cooperating.

We also provide ponchos for each participant. During the years we have received many testimonials that the rain actually contributed to the fun.

If the ‘Plan B’. is not possible we may reschedule or cancel the program.

Once you choose the program and pay the deposit ($500) we can recommend and book an appropriate location.
We provide ribbons for First, Second and Third place, we can bring your own prizes or let us know what is your budget and we can have other prizes for you.
Yes. You can only use our consulting services .We have a few simpler team building events that allow us to send you the materials prepackaged for your group, plus a facilitator’s manual. Then we teach your people to run the event over the phone, guiding them through the facilitators instruction manual.
Yes. We provide drinking wanter. We can set a welcome reception, or arrange for outdoor BBQ, lunch or dinner in a restaurant, or serve coffee,tea and drinks after the event.
The planning and facilitation of your team building program will be handled entirely by our staff to ensure consistency and quality. For some events, if you choose special equipment such as bikes, boats, paint ball equipment, off road cars, etc., we will use sub-contractors.


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